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Craft beer & Caribbean flavour

The complementary pairing of a crisp craft beer and a delicious ceviche was once reserved for those who could travel to the Caribbean. No longer. Panzú Brewery is a welcoming craft brewery with a relaxed Caribbean vibe, reminiscent of a beachside resort, in the heart of Mint Hill, North Carolina. The company offers a full menu of craft beers, with something for every palate, and a menu of tapas inspired by the owners’ homeland, the Dominican Republic. Featuring fresh tropical fruits, pork, and delicious plantains, the Panzú Brewery’s menu of small plate dishes is as memorable as its selection of beers.

Panzú’s year-round products include New England and tropical IPAs; American, blonde and amber ales; wheat beer or porter/stout beer. Panzú will also incorporate seasonal flavours full of freshness and creativity. 

The Panzú tap room will also offer a variety of excellent wines, specially selected to balance with the flavours of its appetizers.

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